Sketching club invites guests to learn drawing

by | Feb 6, 2015 | A&E

Corey Brehaut

The first rule of Sketching Club is draw whatever you want.

Dan Desantis, 21, and Shannon Vigmond, 20, founded the Humber College club last November. They are both second year industrial design students and wanted to create a place on North campus where people could come and draw anything.

“I have a picture we did one day and Dan is posing but I decided to make him sort of a cowboy thing,” said Vigmond, vice president of the club.

She also showed a drawing of what was supposed to be a mechanical military suit but was modified to hold cell phones, turn pages in books and perform daily tasks. Desantis, president of the club, showed several pages of futuristic vehicles made of geometric shapes.

“You just come, you sketch whatever you want really,” said Desantis. “It is just for teaching people. A lot of people are interested in sketching but they don’t really know where to start, so they can come to our club and we can give them a few pointers of what we know and they can hopefully learn something and maybe meet some people.”

There is structure to the meetings but each week is different. Sometimes the club will do speed drawings, sometimes they will do figure drawings. One activity is to pull two objects out of a hat and combine them.

The duo helps people with some of the skills they have developed in the industrial design program, helping members draw geometric shapes, fine curves and rounded corners. A basic shape could turn into an iPod, said Desantis.

The club is still new and Desantis and Vigmond are confident that membership will grow. Last semester drew a good turnout but membership is primarily made of drop-ins this semester, said Vigmond. The primary focus is on advertising the club to a larger audience.

“It’s just getting out there, promoting ourselves and trying to do cool things,” said Vigmond.

It’s a very social group where people meet new people and learn new techniques, said Desantis.

The pair are having an event at the North campus Student Centre on Feb. 24 where they will be handing out posters and showcasing some of their sketches.

“We definitely encourage everyone to come out. That is why we started it,” said Vigmond. “We don’t just want people that know how to draw, we want people who want to learn how to draw as well.”

The club meets every Thursday at the North campus in KX-206 from 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.