‘Sky is the limit’ after Wilkin’s stellar rookie OCAA season

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Feature, Sports, Varsity

Christina Succi
Sports Reporter

Kamyn Wilkins joined the Humber Hawks as one of five rookies recruited for the men’s volleyball team.

For an average rookie, coming to a national championship-winning team, means having to prove you deserve to play on a team that’s achieved so much success.

But Kamyn had even more to prove. He’s not just representing himself, he’s representing the Wilkins’ legacy.

Kamyn’s father Wayne is the head coach of the men’s volleyball team.

His uncle Chris coaches Humber’s women’s volleyball team. They both were all-star volleyball players for the Humber Hawks in the early ‘90s.

Their past doesn’t leave small shoes for Kamyn to fill. It’s a past that would overwhelm some players with pressure, but he said it’s not pressure for him but motivation.

“It feels great knowing that I have something bigger to play for. I don’t feel pressure from it at all, I just turn it into motivation to be the most decorated ‘Wilkins’ while playing at Humber,” Kamyn said.

Kamyn seems to be well on his way to achieving that goal.

Wayne is a member of the Humber Hall of Fame, and Kamyn can say he had a hall of fame worthy rookie season.The Humber coaching staff unanimously named him rookie of the year. He ranked third on the team for most kills with 91, just nine behind Cam Fletcher and Terrel Bramwell, who both finished with 100.

“It feels great to know that in my first year I can be one of the top scorers for the team,” said Kamyn. “It pushes me to want to get better so one day I can be at the top.”

Rookie’s don’t usually put up those kinds of numbers, but Kamyn has been carefully studying these players long before he was an official Hawk.

“Before I played here, I remember sitting on the side and watching their games, and looking at what every player did so that when I came in, I knew what it was that I needed to do,” said Kamyn.

Bramwell said he is impressed with the Kamyn’s skill.

“He had a solid rookie season, he played with a lot of energy which motivated all of us on the court,” said Bramwell. “He also led the team in aces. Being able to do that in your first season just sets the bar for his level of play moving forward.”

It’s said he even resembles a younger Bramwell in the way his emotions and passion for winning bleeds through his performance.

“I truly do have a passion for winning, I will do whatever it is I have to do to win,“I give it my all not just for me, but for my team and that motivates me to play even harder,”Kamyn said.

According to Bramwell, there’s no better player than Kamyn to take the torch from him and be a team leader.

“I think that he will be a great leader for the team after I graduate next year,” Bramwell said. “He’s the type of player that can show the younger players coming into the volleyball program the level of play we’ve set over the past five years to keep being one of the top teams in the country.”

“If Kamyn stays on the track that he’s on now, he’s in a great position to lead,” said Wayne.

Both Kamyn and his father attribute his rookie success to precise planning, believing in the motto that “nobody plans to fail, they fail to plan.”

“We planned this out years ago. I knew he was good enough to play at this level and the expectation for him was huge,” said Wayne. “He understood that as the coach’s son, you have to work 10 times harder than the next guy because the expectations are different.

“He already knew what he had to do and that he was going to battle through the bumps and bruises early on,” he said.

Wayne couldn’t be more proud of his son and the outstanding season he had, explaining Kamyn embodies the three essential qualities it takes to have athletic success: focus, determination and passion.

“You can see the passion on his face, and to be honest we don’t have a lot of guys like that, and we needed that here. Kamyn gives us that,” he said.

If next season is anything like this season for Kamyn, the future bodes well for the Hawks.

“There’s just a ton of opportunity here,” said Wayne. “The sky is the limit.”