Smoking signs unenforced

by | Oct 17, 2014 | News

Evan Presement 
News Reporter

As second hand smoke becomes increasingly problematic for many non-smoking Humber students who have to deal with it on a daily basis entering and exiting the school, the college’s director of public safety Rob Kilfoyle said Humber acts in accordance with all rules and regulations the City of Toronto has in place.

“We (Humber) follow the City of Toronto By-laws and the Smoke Free Ontario Act,” Kilfoyle said. “The rule is nine meters away from any entry or exit point or where smoke can infiltrate the building.”

Students are mostly aware of this rule, as Humber (as noted in their smoking policy) has placed non-smoking signs at every entrance reminding students how far they have to be from the doors. But as 3D Animation Humber student and smoker Lucas Giovannetti said, the rule is rarely enforced.

“It’s just one of those rules, you know, they’re not going to go nuts about it,” Giovannetti said, noting that “maybe one in every 10 cigarettes” he’ll have someone come over and ask him to move away from the doors. “There was one of those (points to security truck) coming by and I’m smoking right next to the sign that says you have to be 9 meters away from the building and they’re not doing anything.”

“There is no Humber College fine,” Kilfoyle said, adding that the college may give the student a Student Code of Conduct violation notice. “There are fines prescribed by the City of Toronto By-law and the Smoke Free Ontario Act. These fines are enforced by the City.”

As of right now, Kilfoyle said that by-law officers have not yet been invited to the campus, but as complaints pile up about smokers ignoring the rules, it’s been something that has been suggested.

Kilfoyle also said that technically, by-law officers don’t need to be invited on to the property, but they generally only react to “complaint-based” situations.

“If they haven’t received a complaint, they generally won’t come.”

Giovannetti thinks there’s more important things for them to be worrying about.

“What Humber should be doing is trying to get people to stop smoking,” he said.

Humber’s smoking policy is in the process of being updated and now restricts e-cigarettes. No decision has been made on whether or not to invite by-law officers to the campus.