Social reward large for Volunteer Crew

by | Nov 14, 2014 | News

Nick Westoll
News Reporter

The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) hosts several events throughout the year, and a dedicated team of volunteers help the student government bring many of those events to life.

The HSF Volunteer Crew is a program that runs at Humber College, focusing on charitable, green and HSF-sponsored events and initiatives.

The Volunteer Crew recently assisted Humber participants at the United Way CN Tower climb, said Odin Von Doom, HSF vice president of student affairs at North campus.

Another big event for the Volunteer Crew is attending Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors games to sell 50/50 tickets in support of Best Buddies, a community organization that works youth.

In addition to working with community organizations, there is a mandate to assist with green initiatives.  The volunteers will be doing a North campus clean up in the near future and Earth Week activities in April.

Von Doom said that he volunteered during orientation through the Volunteer Crew as a means of giving back because of the way he was originally welcomed by volunteers.

For some volunteers, the HSF Volunteer Crew is a social opportunity.

“(HSF Volunteer Crew) is interacting with people, communicating and finding new friends,” said Vitalii Starov, 17, a first-year Sport Management student.

Olga Kham, 18, a first-year Multimedia Design and Development student, and also an international student from Russia, has also been an active participant in the program.

“I’ve met new people and I’ve kind of got used to Canadian life because I’m an international student and they’ve made me feel at home,” Kham said.

The organization offers incentives for its volunteers.  In addition to a year-end appreciation dinner, volunteers can earn points as they assist with different events. Each event is worth one or two points and the incentives range from reference letters to gift cards at places such as the Humber Bookstore.

While some people might consider the incentive system a form of payment, Von Doom said it would require a lot of work to get the top incentives.

“That means that they have to do at least 10 off-campus initiatives and you know what, if that’s the trade off, if that’s their driving factor, that’s fine because we’re still providing the support, we’re still helping out.”

Starov said that he values the career skills and experience he has gained more than the incentives.