Spinathon raises money for United Way

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Life

Sarah Wickett and Branden Liezert
Senior Reporters

Humber’s sixth annual Spinathon welcomed nearly 100 participants to raise money for United Way by spinning their feet on stationary exercise bikes.

Fitness and health students help market and run the event.

“Basically we run spinathon so there going to be  26 spinbikes and people going to be coming in teams and they going to spin for three hours and that is going to be awesome and so much fan.”(Michka Lee, Fitness and health student)

10 teams competed for three hours and 15 minutes in 15 minutes rotations. Altogether about 100 riders participated including students and staff.

Johannah Jackson, spin instructor.”I was invited by Deborah Basch to come along and help instruct this wonderful ride, which I understand for the United way. I like the idea of getting back to the community, which, you know, is the essence of the United Way.”

Debra Basch: “I’m here overseeing students and I am also evaluating them today to see how well they set bikes in the studio, how well sponsorship has done with collecting all the prices and how they handle a raffle.”

Johannah Jackson: “The idea that we’re having fun and it is for a great cause, so even though we put in a lot of effort, our time is valuable and this value then turns into something even greater… Giving back and showing people what could happen when group comes together.”

The students took to the recumbent bikes, which are slightly reclined, for three hours, splitting time between teammates in 15-minute segments.

Fitness and Health Promotion professor Debra Basch brought in four spin instructors to split up the three-hour event.

At the time of registration, Humber College had raised $44,780 through the Spinathon for United Way.