Spooky fun and free candy

by | Oct 31, 2014 | News

Kelsey Coles
News Reporter

If you thought you saw a ghost or goblin in D-building on Wednesday don’t be alarmed. Your mind wasn’t playing tricks on you; it was just Humber’s First Year Experience (FYE) Halloween Party.

First-year students gathered in the President’s Boardroom for two hours of spooky fun and games on Wednesday. The event, hosted by FYE, offered numerous games for students to play, candy giveaways and a special performance from magician Ray Chance.

Caroline Miseh, a senior peer mentor and third-year Architectural Technology student said events like the Halloween party allow first-years the opportunity to get in touch with other students and the services that Humber provides. “(The event) has a lot of different stations and opportunities for students to get involved,” Miseh said.

“Events like this get students exposed to Humber College and it gives the college the opportunity to help students connect with each other and to be social,” Miseh said.

The room was bursting with the noises of balloons being popped as students excitedly lined up for the multiple game stations set up around the room.

In addition to balloon popping there was a mystery box a la blindfold, a photo station, a candy guessing game and a pin-the-tie on Mr. Bones game.

Students travelled station-to-station filling out passport cards that, once completed, allowed them to win prizes.

With midterm season winding down, Miseh said that the event couldn’t have come at a better time.

“With Halloween being directly after midterms, it’s the perfect opportunity for students to relax,” she said. “(Events) help students get out of the slump of school and assignments.”

Although students were visibly excited to play the games at the event, candy seemed to be on the mind of most students thanks to the energetic FYE volunteers standing outside the eerily decorated room shouting “Free candy!” to those walking by.

First-year student Sukhdeep Kehal said that her favourite station was the balloon popping station because it was fun to get some aggression out, but the event had her more excited for something a bit sweeter.

“I’m most excited about the candy,” Kehal said.

First Year Experience is offered to all first-year students at Humber. The program puts students in similar programs in groups of 10 to12.

Each group is led by an upper-year student, their peer mentor.

Peer mentors work to ensure students have the easiest possible transition from high school to college.

“It’s about bringing first-year students out of their shell because it’s a big experience adjusting from high school to college,” said FYE peer mentor Fern Barrett.

Barrett said that FYE events like the Halloween party play a major role in easing the transition. “The different events that we have throughout the whole year allows students to get involved not just with the Humber community but outside Humber too.”