Staff video streaming network tested at pop-up booth

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Biz/Tech, Campus News

Nicholas Rahmon, Biz/Tech reporter

A video streaming service meant for Humber staff to share upcoming news and events was on display at North and Lakeshore campuses this week.

Students and staff recorded their messages at several pop-up booths through a communication streaming service known as Employee News Network (ENN), to show how the new system works.

Launched in September, Humber faculty can submit 30- to 90-second videos on the Humber Communiqué website through the ENN video player.

Emily Milic, the PR and Communications manager at Humber North, said all the news on the system is employee submitted. 

“You can show staff updates, events, and milestones,” she said. “Within the current time frame, these videos will go on our staff news page and in the daily newsletter.” 

Bethany Sharpe, Support Services Officer (left) and Emily Milic, the PR and Communications manager (right) gave out star-shaped chocolate for students and staff that participated in the tutorials. (Nicholas Rahmon)

An example of an acceptable submitted video and a list of guidelines are available online as well a request to submit a video through an application form. Administration, faculty, and support staff are required to explain the purpose of their video and their preferred time slot to record through the form.

Milic said the possibilities are endless in terms of what content can be made.

The pop-up booth included a tripod stand for the video recordings with Milic and Support Services Officer Bethany Sharpe who connected their phone into the tripod and clicked record. 

The booth offered blue and gold ENN star-shaped chocolate for students and staff who participated in tutorials at the displays.

Celeste Romeo, a Justice Studies student at the University of Guelph-Humber, discovered the event after seeing classmates with chocolates.

“I was curious as to what ENN stood for. After speaking to a few people, it led me to a walk up the second floor of Humber and notice a small booth.” she said. “I like it.”

Milic said that booths were set up four times throughout the week in case participants needed technical help or were just camera shy. 

The service hasn’t been fully implemented yet, Sharpe said.

“There’s an analytic piece that comes with it, so we’re monitoring it,” she said.

Once ENN is fully implemented, Humber faculty will have access to video material beyond LinkedIn Learning.