Staff walks, runs, bikes 246,000 km for 100-day challenge

by | Jan 30, 2020 | News

Melanie Valente-Leite, News Reporter

Humber staff walked, ran and biked their way to losing more than 330 pounds in an annual 100-day global challenge to lose weight while getting fit.

“I just tried to stay active all the time by going to the gym at lunch. You know, it’s not an option, it’s an obligation,” said Stephanie Maggs, a Service Adoption Coordinator at Humber.

From eating less sugar to working out daily, faculty and support staff members spent more the 100 days swimming, walking, biking and changing meal plans to incorporate more hearty meals.

Staff worked together to conquer the 100-day challenge. The 480 participants moved a collective 246,000 kilometres in 100-days. (Melanie Valente-Leite)

Faculty assembled in the E135 Lecture Theatre Concourse on Jan. 27 to celebrate the completion of the 100 Day Global Corporate Challenge.

Michelle Trumper, a Learning Specialist at Humber, began the event by announcing that 69 teams were registered in 2019 with more than 480 participants who took a collective 485,627,030 steps — about 246,000 kilometres in total — within 100 days.

On their final day, everyone was weighed and a total of 338 pounds was lost from their initial weigh-in.

Emily Powell, the account manager for Virgin Pulse, the sponsor for the annual event, explained how they aim to improve employees’ well-being by creating healthy habits in the workplace so that they can feel well which may enhance their performance at work.

“It doesn’t even matter what goal we had set out for ourselves this year, we all made small but significant changes,” Powell said.

Chris Whitaker, Humber president, proudly shared his discovery on how his staff members were doing throughout the challenge.

“Not only did this make an impact in terms of increasing the amount of exercise we’re doing, but apparently, we reported better levels of sleep, better diets amongst us and people are reporting that they’re feeling less stressed,” Whitaker said.

With hard work and dedication, Maggs received the award for the most points earned for an individual.

“I’ve been at it long enough that all my coworkers don’t offer to go out to lunch with me because I always say no,” she said. “No distractions.”

The annual fitness event is open to all the staff members at Humber.