Stairs vs Elevators challenge raises heart health awareness

by | Mar 10, 2017 | News

Justin Dominic
News Reporter

The month of February was observed nationwide as Heart Health Month, where colleges joined a myriad of organizations to promote awareness of the importance of a healthy heart.

At Humber, a Stairs vs Elevators event was held three times last month in the Learning Resource Commons at North campus. Students were made to climb six floors for an awareness activity organized by Athletics, Recreation and Leisure Education.

“We came up with this challenge and were glad to view a large number of participants from both students as well as a few members of the faculty,” said Leanne Henwood-Adam, fitness facility manager.

The event was intended in part to help people recognize what extent of bodily activity they could endure out of their customary comfort zones.

“It’s lazy to see individuals taking the elevator even to the second floor and since the gym is not precisely for everyone, these simple measures of cardio can be exercised,” Henwood-Adam said.

Participants received complimentary gifts and entry in a draw where the students had a chance to win a Fitbit, Humber t-shirts or gift cards worth $10 and more. The event drew some  30 to 50 participants each week.

Michka Lee, a third-year student of Kinesiology, said, “Nearly all of the participants were astounded by having to be in utter breathlessness after reaching the top where they were then required to obtain a password from one of the coordinators.”

Event coordinators Spencer Lynch and Nikita Ramdial, both from the Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism majoring in fitness and health promotion, quickly interviewed students before and after their participation, asking why they wouldn’t take the stairs. Replies ranged from, “I’m lazy,” to saying the elevator is “way faster.”