Starbucks approaching North campus with classy joe

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Life

Allie Langohr

Life Reporter

One cup, two cup, red cup… green cup?

The majority of students head to Tim Hortons for their coffee on campus, but this might change with the arrival of Starbucks.

General Manager of Food Services at Humber, York Tang confirmed whispers that Humber North campus will be getting a Starbucks.

“It’s 100 per cent true,” said Tang. The popular coffee spot will be ready when the new Learning Resource Commons building opens.

The building is set to be ready for use in mid-April, said Tang.

For now, students overwhelmingly choose Tim Hortons for their daily coffee fix.

An unscientific survey of 58 Humber students on Feb. 9 showed 81 per cent of Humber North students get their coffee from Tim Horton’s while on campus.

Fourteen per cent said a Starbucks on campus would be their go-to destination.

During the Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim promotion, 52 per cent of students increase the amount of times they visit the coffee shop.

One in four students, who usually get their coffee at Java Jazz, Gourmet Express, or Second Cup, said they choose Tim Horton’s more often during the promotion.

Second-year Humber food and nutrition student, Safia Shafea is one of these students.

“I’m just going with the promotion, hoping my next cup is a winner,” said Shafea.

The cost of the cup did not appear to influence people’s choices.

Tim Hortons raised the price of their roasts in November to $1.70 from $1.60 for a medium cup. Java Jazz followed in January with the same price increase.

These prices are still cheaper than Starbucks’ coffee, which sits at about $2.65 for a medium sized cup.

There is yet to be a fixed price for coffee sold at the soon-to-be-built Starbucks at Humber.

“Everybody’s (price has) gone up because the coffee source has gone up,” said Tang.

For others, location often determines where they choose to buy their daily cup.

“I go with whatever’s closest. It’s all the same,” said first-year Humber arboriculture student Kyle Godon.