Staying on residence for the holidays

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Life

Brianne Cail
Life Reporter

In many cases, Thanksgiving is the first holiday students spend away from home once they leave for school in September.

Some students are unable to make the journey back to their families, forcing them to celebrate the occasion here at Humber College.

First-year Industrial Design student Joanna Lok, 20, is originally from Edmonton, Alberta and will be spending her Thanksgiving in Ontario for the first time.

“I miss the comfort of my own bed, and will miss my friends and family during the long weekend,” said Lok.

But she said she plans to take advantage of being away from home and is planning to explore Toronto while she has the chance.

Moreover, she will have a little piece of home coming to her for the holiday.

“My boyfriend will be flying over to visit…I won’t be able to see him again until the Christmas holidays,” Lok said.

Lok said being away at school has allowed her to appreciate the little things about life back home.

Going home is just too far for such a short holiday, said 24-year-old second-year Industrial Design student Thane Cameron.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Cameron was also forced to spend Thanksgiving on campus during his first year.

The one thing he is going to miss most he said, is his mom’s home cooking.

To cater to these students, Humber North residence cafeterias provide a taste of Thanksgiving on campus, said Residence Food Service Manager Maxie Antunes.

Meals for the entire month of October have been pre-planned using a “harvest theme,” said Antunes.

On Oct. 8, there will be a Thanksgiving meal that is popularly referred to as a “feast,” she said.

The cafeteria in North residence will be open regular hours, and serving all meals during Thanksgiving weekend, Antunes said.