Strength and empowerment shown at Women’s Day fitness and forum

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Life

Harmony Multani, Senior Reporter

Humber College hosted an International Women’s Day fitness class and forum with guest fitness influencer and trainer Kenzie Forbes.

“I have a tattoo that says what your mind believes your body achieves, and I pretty much live by that motto, if you believe you are strong, you will have the confidence to reach out and fight for your goals,” Forbes said. 

Humber College’s female population attended the March 11 event at Lakeshore campus, which was sold out and had multiple people on the wait list. 

“I wanted to come here because I feel like I’m in a place where I am working to push certain limits within myself, I’m new to this country and learning a lot, and when I’m at the gym and I hit a certain goal of mine, it helps me in other areas of my life,” said Naorina Hussain, a first-year Global Business Management student.  

The fitness class paired strangers and friends together to work through circuits had all the women motivating each other to push their boundaries. 

“Women’s Day is important because women come together to empower and celebrate each other for all the work that we do in our every day lives,” said Kimone Smith, a fourth-year Digital Communications student. 

Students run through unique circuits in a boot camp styled International Women’s Day Fitness Class and Forum at Humber College Lakeshore’s Fitness Centre on March 11. (Harmony Multani)

As multiple women attended the event, they all arrived with their own story, and a unique reason for being there. 

“When I’m out in the real world, people often tell me that I won’t be able to do something, and coming to a boot camp class like today, where I will be tested, next time someone says no, I will be able to say yes, because I have already done plenty,” said Meagan Jones, a first-year student in the Child and Youth Care program.

Forbes said she believes fitness and emotional strength go hand in hand. 

“I feel like you’re conquering something, you’re conquering the world, when you’re lifting that heavy weight over your head and you’re like I can do this, for me it made me connect that belief in myself in other areas of my life,” she said.

The women exited the circuit with smiles of accomplishment on their faces.

“I’m buzzing, I really pushed myself and seeing other women push themselves too, I feel like we are all leaving here a little more confident in our abilities,” Hussain said. 

“Women are so strong, they deal with so much in society, at home, and even within themselves,” she said. “Having an event like this, and a day like International Women’s Day, where we can all come together and prove to ourselves how strong we are, and celebrate each other’s strengths is really beautiful to me.”