Stress management talks lead students to resources

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Campus News, Life

Genia Kuypers
Life Reporter

Stress management is a common challenge most students face. Balancing work, school and extra-curricular activities can be daunting for some students, so Humber College has organized Stress Management Seminars for students to help.

Andrii Soroka, a Humber Civil Engineering student and senior peer mentor, led a first session on Tuesday to inform students of campus resources ranging from counselling, academic support and health and wellness classes are offered in the Athletic Centre.

“Most of the students using the workshops are international students as well as mature students, they’re looking for ways to contextualize their stress, and build skills before they graduate,” said Soroka, noting that the 70- to 80 per cent of doctors’ appointments which are about stress is a proportion which has doubled since 1985.

Soroka first became involved with peer mentoring while taking a Literature class at Humber and now works with the First Year Experience. The Stress Management Seminar is one of 13 available courses in a Learning Skills Workshop Series that students can take.

Ramanreet Sandhu (Early Childhood Education) and Colleen Orr (Fashion Arts and Business) were young mothers and Humber students attending the stress seminar who admitted to feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious during their time at college.

Balancing home life, work and school is “overwhelming and difficult, managing stress properly is something I really needed help with,” said Sandhu.

Orr hoped to learn how to “manage stress properly.” Ramanreet wanted to be able to “be a mom but be (myself) as well”.

Both the Lakeshore and North campuses host the workshops, which are available to any students. Schedules are posted at