Strike doesn’t stop the OCAA

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Sports

Edward Hitchins
Sports Editor

The age-old analogy in show business is that despite whatever happens during production ‘the show must go on’.

That’s the attitude among the Ontario College Athletic Association in the wake of the Ontario College faculty strike, which is now closing in on its third week.

Humber Director of Athletics Ray Chateau says that he is running the business as usual during the strike that has left half a million students, including nearly 4,000 athletes out of the classroom.

“We don’t have a particular position as to what’s going on,” said Chateau “The 24 members of the OCAA are having a weekly conference call as to the current goings on of the situation.”

Chateau believes that with fall sports such as soccer and cross country ending their seasons, it shouldn’t affect the schedule.

“We have a contingency plan in place. It shouldn’t hurt us overall. Our fall sports are finished and we have sports like basketball and volleyball on the horizon.”

Cambrian College Athletic director Tim Yu admits that when the teachers first walked off the job October 16th, he wasn’t sure if the curtain had prematurely come down on the soccer season.

“Right at the start, there were some preliminary discussions as to whether or not it would be cancelled,” said Yu at the Women’s soccer championship at Fleming College in Peterborough. “But the OCAA let us know that the intent was to continue status quo for all sports so that decreased any initial concerns we had.”

Yu said that despite what distractions off the field the strike is having, his players know that shouldn’t affect what happens come game time.

“They are athletes. They know how to focus. We’ve told them we are there and will continue to support them.”

The OCAA, Ontario College sports governing body, declined an interview for this story.