Student fundraiser making splashes at Humber North

by | Feb 4, 2019 | News

Humber students playing cup-pong in the North Campus cafeteria on Jan. 28. (Sean Marco)

Sean Marco, News Reporter

School is hard enough, but raising money to earn grades is a huge challenge.

Rhea DiFlorio and Cassandra Droog, both Bachelor of Interior Design students at Humber College, was given a task along with their fellow classmates, to raise between $10,000 to $20,000 by the end of the semester for their thesis show. 

The interior design thesis show offers opportunities to students to showcase their fourth-year projects. 

“This show often gives us job opportunities and exposure we usually wouldn’t get but we have to fund it all ourselves,” Droog said.

Event poster advertising the raffle and the cup-pong event. (Sean Marco)

This is their second fundraiser of the year. They raffled off an iPad, AirPods, and a candy basket last semester. 

This time, they are raffling a $300 gaming chair, an Amazon Alexa, and they are playing cup-pong to get people’s attention. 

But students are shying away from the $2 price per game despite being intrigued by the water-filled red trashcans and one-handed throws across the cafeteria.

“Kids see it and see it’s $2 and they say oh never mind but they spend more on food at the cafe,” DiFlorio said. 

“We’re not only taking cash we’re also taking e-transfer so it makes it easier to get people to play,” she said.

The idea of the pong game came from a friend of theirs during a pitch meeting, DiFlorio said. 

“We were supposed to do a bean bag toss kind of game but someone suggested cup-pong and we thought it was a perfect idea,” she said. 

This wasn’t the usual version of beer pong. It was a non-alcoholic event and it attracted the attention and garnering most of the money.

“It’s fun, the price isn’t too bad either so I don’t even mind donating to their thesis show and playing a round,” said Kendall Burton, a Humber student, and cup-pong player.

The students are hosting another fundraising event Feb. 6.