LifeStudent wins poster award for upcoming Fashion Arts show

ETC StaffNovember 28, 20181005 min

Denissa Palmer
Life Reporter

Madison Jay’s winning poster from the Humber Mode Art Poster Exhibit contest. (Courtesy Madison Jay)

When Madison Jay, 20, opened InDesign to get started on her assignment, she never expected to hear her name when they announced the winner of the Humber Mode Art Poster Exhibit.

All Fashion Arts and Business students were asked to create a poster that would best represent the upcoming fashion show in 2019.

On Thursday, Nov. 22, Humber North campus hosted their contest in the cafeteria where all students were invited to vote for their favourite poster. The winner of the contest will have their work displayed and incorporated in the promotional material for the 2019 fashion show.

Although Jay said she isn’t fond of painting, she does enjoy using creative suites like Photoshop and InDesign to create art work and fashion illustrations.

“I don’t do this type of work often, but when I do I really enjoy it,” she said.

Her submission was one of 100 posters that were based off the theme chosen for the upcoming Humber Mode Art Fashion Show.

Jay said she had never received an award for any visual creative projects before and this was one of her biggest accomplishments.

“This is definitely the project I’m most proud of. It was the first time any of my work has been displayed in this way, let alone receive any kind of award,” she said.

Jay said she found it hard to stay motivated to remain creative at times but her competitive drive kept her going.

“I’m always hyper critical of myself, so at first I wasn’t very confident with it but eventually I became very proud of what I created,” she said.

Throughout her journey at Humber, Jay said her favourite thing about her program is the professors.

Sidney Gilmore, Fashion Arts and Business student, said Humber opened many doors leading her closer to her dreams. She said she has been able to surpass her own personal expectations regarding her past projects.

“I can’t pinpoint what exactly it is, but I would say the confidence and reassurance you get from the professors definitely help you stay motivated. Sometimes, I forget that I’m at school,” she said.

Professor Pamela D’Ettorre, of the Ethics and Sustainability course at Humber College, said the program outlines the importance of consumerism and the effects that fashion has on all levels of production in the industry.

The course teaches students all the different aspects of the fashion industry and discusses the different options that consumers have that help shape the demand for clothing.

D’Ettorre said the role consumers play influences how easily fashion can be altered to benefit both the community and individuals.

“Quality versus quantity is important,” she said. “Buying fewer, high quality items is much more sustainable, plus higher quality clothing lasts longer. We should also remember that when we find a hole in our sweater, it doesn’t have to be the end of its useful life.”

“Clothing that is no longer going to be worn can be cut into pieces to be used to make other products such as carpet backings, seat covers and industrial insulation,” D’Ettorre said.

Set to graduate in 2020, Gilmore said she looks forward to pursuing a career in the fashion industry, while Jay said she plans to further her schooling in fashion business on the other side of the world in London.