Students de-stress and take a breath

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Life

Britnei Bilhete
Life Reporter

On Wednesday morning, students loosened up at Humber College’s North campus Student Center with free massages and an oxygen bar courtesy of the Humber Students’ Federation.

First-year Humber film and television student Emily Borhi was one of the first students to try the oxygen bar.

“I’ve heard about it before… I’ve always wanted to try it,” Borhi said. “It’s really cool.”

Dave McNamara, president of Element Oxygen Bars said, “we offer anywhere from five to ten minute sessions of 92 per cent pure oxygen. The oxygen comes from a medical concentrator and produces about three litres per minute.”.

It then runs into an infuser machine where the oxygen mixes with natural aroma extracts like rosemary mint and wild cherry, said McNamara.

The benefits of using an oxygen bar are reputed to go beyond having fun.

“You feel more alert after the session, more awake, (and) headache free. It kind of clears your head,” McNamara said.

Simply being in a classroom for a few hours and breathing recycled air can cause fatigue and headaches, he said.

The extra oxygen flow can also help increase lung capacity and regulate sleeping patterns, he added.

Keishana Bowen, a first-year general arts and science student, began her de-stressing experience with a massage by a registered massage therapist.

Bowen said she was  physically stressed before getting her massage, “I noticed I have a lot of knots in my back,” she said.

Humber’s Massage Therapy Lab manager Felicia Bremner said, “when muscles get too tense, it can cause referred pain, which we refer to as trigger points. (These) are located somewhere on the body that can refer pain to elsewhere.”

Students also enjoyed complimentary hot drinks from David’s Tea.

“Around this time of the year, students are studying for quizzes and tests and mid-terms are coming up,” said Josh Paglione, HSF’s programming coordinator.

“The whole theme of the event is relaxation and de-stress.”