Students encouraged to get involved across campus

by | Oct 10, 2015 | Life

Natalie Dixon
Life Reporter

Humber College accounting student Teresa Eich plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and flute.

But the first-year Lakeshore-campus student says it was her passion to play video games that got the Texan to Toronto. And engaging in these extra-curricular activities helps her connect with people.

She says these are what helped her in her transition to Toronto for school.

“It sounds weird,” Eich says she came to Toronto because she has a huge group of friends here that she met through playing video games.

Eich says there is a lot at Humber in terms of clubs and sports teams and says there are many options for students to get involved.

How successful a student in school may be is directly related to how involved that student is, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement website.

Sierra Deangelis, 18, a first-year Humber student in the interior decorating program, used to take part in a soccer team and an art club. She says there is a lot of value to being involved in extra-curricular activities.

“You make a lot of new friendships with people that I guess you wouldn’t have, like I did,” she said.

She says being involved in something outside of the classroom gives a person a sense of belonging.

Kristine Galvan, Clubs and Volunteer coordinator for Humber Students’ Federation, says there are many ways to get involved.

Some ways include joining a club such as the chess club, anime club or dance academy, playing in extramural or intermural teams such as indoor cricket or soccer or even running for a position on the student government, she said.

There are many representatives willing and able to direct students into an extra-curricular activity that will be well suited for them.

There are a variety of opportunities available or Students can also visit athletics or talk to some of the student executives in the HSF offices.

“Anyone who does not even take a look down this road is missing out on some things that could potentially be special,” Jim Bialek, manager of athletics/sports information, says of how important it is to get involved in extra-curricular activities such as athletics.

Bialek says there are a lot of opportunities for students to get involved, not just in athletics.

Though athletics allows students to be involved intimately as part of a team and also as a supporter of a team, Bialek mentions a variety of ways to get involved such as residence happenings, events and tutoring.

“Athletics is, perhaps, the greatest easel an artist can have,” Bialek says.