Students gather to say goodbye to the Jays

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Sports

Victoria Sheba
Sports Reporter

The Toronto Blue Jays played for a spot in the World Series, but it just wasn’t their year. The Kansas City Royals beat the Jays 4-3 on Oct 23.
Before playing the Royals, the Blue Jays faced the Texas Rangers, who they beat in five games.
A larger than usual crowd landed at Humber College LinX pub when the Jays opened up the playoffs against the Rangers on Oct 8.
Mohamed Ali-Sharif, a business administration student at University of Guelph-Humber, enjoyed the playoff opener with a beer in hand.
“It’s a great idea having the school play the post season opener on screen for students to watch the game,” said Ali-Sharif.
Ali-Sharif agrees it’s a bit distracting but loves the way baseball fans can get together and share the Jays’ first playoff game in 22 years.
Since some people are not always “real” fans of baseball, they are hopping on the bandwagon.
But Ali-Sharif does not consider himself a bandwagoner. He’s been watching baseball for years.
“(The) first time I watched baseball was when I was in Grade 1,” said Ali-Sharif.
Ali-Sharif said his favourite player is outfielder Jose Bautista, whereas Patrick Arzoonanian, a business administration student at University of Guelph-Humber, said his favourite player is Ryan Goins.
“I found it very distracting to watch the game in the pub due to a large crowd, music and the game being on high volume, and intoxicated students that were there as well,” said Arzoonanian.
He has been a fan of the Blue Jays for about eight years and enjoys making fun of those who jump on and off the bandwagon.
“The Blue Jays have a good fan base at this point, so they should be playing better and getting us those wins.” Phillip McQuade, a blueprint studies student at Humber College, said.
McQuade has never really followed the Blue Jays during the regular season.
“I really just started watching the games now that they made the … playoffs,” he admitted.
“It’s great to see all the students come together and enjoy a good game of baseball and maybe a couple of drinks,” he said.
“We have a great community so why not gather all together and share the memories and support our nation,” said McQuade.
McQuade thought it was a great idea to have LinX, as Humber College’s pub, playing the big game.
“It gives students who have a spare the opportunity to be watching the game,” said McQuade.