Students host fall fair and raise funds for MS

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Life

Adriana DiSanto
Life Reporter

Recreation and leisure students brought a fall fair to reality in Humber’s main concourse.

Although this was a fun event, there was a good cause behind it.

The main cause of this event was to get donations for different charities such as Jeans for Teens and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

Part of the reason why the MSSC was chosen as a charity to donate is because a student in recreation and leisure program, Matthew Dasilva, suffers from this disease.

“One of our goals in this course was to raise money and find fundraising activities,” said Sherri Brannscombe, a Special Event Management professor at Humber. “We have a student in our program who has M.S so the students decided they wanted to support his charity.”

Teens for Jeans — a program that assists homeless youth who may not be able to afford clothing — is the other charity that received donations.

Bryce Muhlbier, a second year student and chair of operations and executive member of the recreation and leisure program, said it is important to keep students aware of the causes behind all the fun.

“This is an opportunity for students to give back,” Muhlbier said. “Our goal is to promote awareness on these issues.”

Students attended this event for the games, prizes, and treats offered at different booths.

“A big turnout for this Fall Fair helps for sure because people’s donations go a long way,” Muhlbier said. “If people come by and they just want to have fun, that’s okay too because they’ll be aware of what we’re raising a good cause for.

Some of the games at the fair included a beanbag toss game, a football toss, a selfie booth, and a dunk for donuts activity.

“Besides all the games, we have many treats for sale,” Jessica Crudo, another a Special Event Management professor at Humber said. “There’s macaroons, cookies granola bars, and hot chocolate with marshmallows.”

There were also many prizes to be won through a raffle. They included “a signed Ryan Goins baseball bat, a signed baseball by David Price, Raptor tickets, Blue Jays tickets, and then a whole bunch of different gift cards and what not,” said Crudo.