Kyle Drinnan, Sports Reporter

Students from the Humber daycare, Humber campus and high school students that are close to the campus launched the first annual Humber Fitness Games to raise money in memory of a student who died three years ago.

“The event used to be called the Fitness Olympics, but this year we changed it to the Fitness Games to take out the competition,” said Debra Basch, faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness.

The event was spread over the North campus gym, with sides and corners full of booths that was able to cater towards all ages.

“We wanted students to have events that are able to setup events for all ages. It makes creating the event more creative,” Basch said.

The Fitness Games was a capstone project for the Fitness and Health Promotion program.

Students were also donating for the Kyle Hoseman scholarship for students in next semester.

Hoseman, who was a student in the program, passed away from complications of leukaemia three years ago.

Professors and students remembered Hoseman as a dependable student who was liked by everyone and produced quality work.

The scholarship would be awarded to a student that have the same attributes.

All the equipment that was on the floor were either donations or made from scratch, including a rowing machine.

Students got a card outlining the exercise he or she had to perform.

“We allow students to go on the rower for a minute and it records laps. If someone gets 300 laps in a minute then we take their BMI,” Renee Parker, Event Coordinator.

Students also won prizes for taking part in the event, ranging from a free Popeye’s meal to grand prizes such as CN Tower tickets, Ripley’s Aquarium tickets, and Toronto Wolfpack season tickets.

Like the equipment, the prizes were also donated to the program for the event.