Students in an iPod battle to show off their musical taste

by | Oct 17, 2014 | A&E

Ashley Jagpal
A&E Reporter

You may have heard of rap battles, DJ battles, or even singing battles. But what about iPod battles?

According to Ahmed Tahir, Vice President of Student Life at North campus for Humber Students’ Federation (HSF), the contest has students show off downloaded music.

The tournament style competition is noon on Oct. 23 at Student Center (North)  and Oct. 30 at noon at L Cafetaria (Lakeshore campus).

“Let’s say one person plays 20 seconds of a song and the crowd gets a little bit loud, but then the other person plays their 20-second clip and the crowd gets louder. The crowd gets asked who should move on,” said Tahir.

Whomever the crowd likes, wins. Previous winners received Raptors or Leafs tickets and gift cards.

“We usually just let them do anything,” said Tahir. “We have considered just making specifics, like this one round we play this genre or this song, but for now we decided we are just going to do any genre they want, any song they want.”

Tahir said that number of players in each battle ranges from 10 to 20, depending on the time they have and how many people are available.

The popular event has been going on for a few years.

“It’s always positive because of how busy the Student Centre is day-to-day,” said Tahir. “When students hear us ask on the microphone to come up to the stage so you can win a prize, students get excited and come up. Students who don’t even know about it come out. Everyone gets loud, it’s a break for the day.”

Logan Docouto, 20,  a second-year Humber Spa Management student, says, “I would definitely go if I had time in between classes or during my break.” She said she would rather stay in the audience, but may encourage her friends who have iPods to participate.