Students showcase their artistic skills at live painting event

by | Mar 11, 2019 | A&E, North

Sydnee Walcott, News Reporter

Art can be an imitation of nature or as a way of making a statement.

Students at Humber College’s North campus were given the opportunity to express themselves through the arts at a live painting event held on March 6.

Students at the live painting event at Humber’s North campus are encouraged to submit artwork for the 33rd Annual Art Show taking place on April 1. (Sydnee Walcott)

“The purpose for the event is to generate awareness of the Humber Arts show,” said Ruby Boamah, the chair of this year’s Humber Art Show.

The live event was created to inspire not only students who are in the art program, but all students on campus to showcase their creativity and encourage them to submit art work for the 33rd Annual Humber Art Show on April. 1.

Vanessa Fedeli, a student in the Early Childhood Education program, said she enjoys drawing and is considering taking part in the art show. She said she remembers how she enjoyed drawing and going to art class while in high school.

Jasmeen Khanday, a Law Clerk student, said she participated in the live event because of her love for painting.

The theme of this year’s art show is displayed on a canvas students painted at the March 6 live painting event. (Sydnee Walcott)

The theme for this year’s art show is “Lights, Camera, and Art.”

“We believe that everybody is an artist,” Boamah said. She said no matter what program a student is in, everyone is encouraged to take part in the art show and submit a piece of artwork.

After the art is displayed at the show, the works could be displayed at the League of Innovation, a non-profit organization for college students that creates awareness about art and that it’s a beautiful form of expression.