Students and staff take electric cars for a spin

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Life

Sharon Paul
Life Reporter

Students and faculty put the pedal to the metal during an auto test drive and all they got was a whir.

They jumped behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and took a lap or two around the LRC parking lot at North campus on Oct. 5. Plug’n Drive partnered with Humber’s sustainability department to let people test drive, or buy, three electric vehicles: the BMW i3, Volkswagen e-Golf and the Chevrolet Bolt.

The Plug’n Drive representatives also outlined the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.

“We know that fossil fuel is hurting us, it’s polluting our earth, it’s causing health issues and it’s causing climate change,” said Ron Groves, manager of education and outreach at Plug ‘n Drive.

Humber’s North campus plans to install six charging stations.

Roma Malik, the college’s sustainability manager, said it makes sense to raise awareness for environmentally-friendly vehicles especially as Ontario becomes more accommodating to them.

She said the department’s five-year plan is to integrate as many sustainable options as possible into Humber’s transportation system, which is why the college now offers bicycles for students to ride on and off campus through Dropbike.

The test-drive event was part of that mandate, Malik said.

“This is a lower carbon footprint way to get to campus,” she said.

Groves said the electric cars run smoothly with their batteries charge level visible on the dashboard. The battery isn’t used when the wheels stop moving, ensuring the car is using the least possible amount of energy.

“Most people are surprised when they start an electric car because it doesn’t make a sound, it’s sort of like booting up your laptop,” he said.