Support programs help find work for disabled, others

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Life

Dilara Kurtaran
Life Reporter

The YMCA now offers a youth employment fund, which helps people with disabilities.

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities funded initiative launched in Ontario in September. The program places a young person with an employer that pays them a full-time wage, as well as providing financial assistance for transportation, clothing and training.

The YMCA has two programs: “Heads Up” and “SPRING.”

Megan Thomas, general manager of employment and community in York Region YMCA, said an individual is matched to a job once they complete workshops.

YMCA also helps all ages of people.

Marcella DeRose, a job developer at Bennett Edge, another support program, said she has seen many people participate. <br.

“Over 100 clients come to our door; we try to help them keep the job for over three years,” said DeRose.

SilverCity Theatres in Brampton hires people through YMCA and Bennett Edge.

Ivy Attoh, senior food service manager at SilverCity Brampton said the program benefits individuals in the surrounding area.

“We are proud to help the community,” said Attoh. “We help them develop skills and they can move on and work at other places of their choice.”

“Disabilities can be invisible,” said Lauren Longo, a disability services officer at Humber. According to Longo, a person has to have documents that prove their disability in order to get accommodations from the disability services.

Students can go to disability services if they have been diagnosed with: a brain injury; ADD/ADHD; autism spectrum disorder; or other disabling condition.