Sustainability honey goes on sale at Humber North

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Life, News

Mahnoor Yawar
News Editor

If you’re behind on holiday shopping, there’s a sweet option conveniently available on campus.

The Humber Arboretum’s popular City Bee honey is now for sale in limited quantity at the Center for Urban Ecology at the North campus.

This is the second year City Bee is being sold on campus, after a successful first harvest last year.

“We have some hives located on the Humber Arboretum grounds and we have beekeepers who come in and maintain the hives,” said Kayla Sasso, business assistant at the Center for Urban Ecology.

The hives have been active for about 5 years, said Jimmy Vincent, co-ordinator for the Centre for Urban Ecology in the Arboretum.

Urban beekeeping is part of Humber’s new sustainability push, spurred in part by higher demand for raw, flavourful honey.

“Sales have been good,” said Sasso. “It’s very popular. People are very excited about the honey.”

Humber installed rooftop beehives at its Lakeshore and North campuses in the spring, helping bees flourish in controlled ecosystems. The center also conducted a beekeeping workshop during the summer open to people interested in starting their own hives.

A jar of City Bee honey will set you back $15 and you can buy up to three jars in a single trip. A sell out of the harvest is anticipated.