Humber’s Golf Lab gives students ‘high-class’ experience

Beatriz Balderrama Baleeiro, Biz/Tech Reporter The Humber community will soon have a new entertainment facility for students and faculty that will be the first of its kind in colleges across Canada. The Humber Golf Lab, which launched last year at the North campus, is an experiential learning space for students of the Golf Management program and will be equipped with... More
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Women’s soccer rookie uses on-field devices to monitor diabetes

Nathaniel Marksman, Biz/Tech Reporter Every time Emma Stushnoff steps on the soccer pitch, she has to prepare a little more diligently than her teammates. Stushnoff, a Calgary native, is a first-year forward on the Hawks soccer team. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was nine. Stushnoff remembers feeling confused and sad, unable to understand what diabetes was.... More

Rookie men’s basketball coach sets new win streak record

Jacob Phillips, Sports Reporter Humber’s new head coach Samson Downey knows how to continue the team’s legacy of success in basketball. It’s been ingrained in him since the time he used to be a player on the Hawks. Downey played point guard for Humber from 2001 to 2005, and winning the 2005 Provincial Championship and leading the Hawks to a 74-14 record.... More