Take control of your life. Be a yes, yes, yes man

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Opinion

Jesse Noseworthy
Guest Columnist

At what point in our lives did reason begin to trump youthfulness?

We’ve been bombarded with the word ‘no’ so many times in our lives that it has become us. It’s time to take a stand and stop this hearsay.

There is great power in the use of the words ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ The premise is that there are two types of people in the world, the “Yes Men” and the “No Men.” The use of the word “men” of course refers to people as a whole and doesn’t exclude women. Men who say yes are more or less people who are open to change and experiencing the world around them, all while achieving this through a three-letter word. The “No Men” shut out others, fear change and drown in negativity.

When did we shut off? Actually, why did we? We stopped being creative, we stopped experiencing things and most of all we stopped living a happy and fulfilling life.

Lets face the simple truth: it’s impossible for humans to stay still. We cannot remain idle. Our minds never stop. Even when we’re sleeping, we’re experiencing another realm of consciousness.

Why not feed this intuition?

Lets give our minds what they want. No, what our minds need. Lets feed it with new experiences and dabble in positivity.

What is positivity? Well, it’s the word ‘yes!’

Say it with me. “Yes, yes, yes.”

Now doesn’t that feel good?

Now say the word “no.”

“No, no, no.”

How did that feel? Bad…Right? It felt bad for me.

Now lets answer the question as to why it felt bad. In a simplistic form, the word ‘yes’ breeds positivity and the word ‘no’ breed’s negativity. In most instances, yes will lead to change that will inevitably promote new experiences. The word ‘no’ inspires nothing but stillness.

As with many theories, there are obviously exceptions. If anything, one should acknowledge that there is a greater importance between the two words than perceived. The word ‘no’ can be beneficial in certain instances but it can also be a detriment (same ordeal with ‘yes’).

American author John C. Maxwell once said “Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.”

Yes is a word that shall be reserved but also utilized with the best of intentions.

Think back to a time in your life when you were in a rut. Things weren’t going so well and all you wanted to do was to keep to yourself and stay home. Somewhere along the line you woke up, you said ‘yes’ and you inspired a change and grew internally. From that point forward, you may have had a revelation and acknowledged that there is a higher power to living a positive and fulfilling life.

“To strive, to seek, and not to yield,” said Alfred, Lord Tennyson in his poem titled ‘Ulysses.’

It’s as simple as saying a one-syllable word.

Take charge and give not only your mind, but also your soul, the food that it needs to nourish and grow.

Negativity is a disease; it leads to emptiness and ultimately the death of ones soul.

Everyone knows a “No Man.” You’re probably thinking of one right now and how often they’ve shot others down. Analyze them for a second and tell me if they’re a negative person. The answer is yes. Yes, they’re negative because they’ve shut themselves out from new experiences and decided to put a cap on their development as a human being.

Why would you want to do that to yourself? Why would you shut yourself out to the beautiful thing that we call ‘life?’

The writing is on the wall. Don’t dwell and surround yourself with “No Men.” Say ‘yes’ to life and turn yourself into the “Yes Man” that you’re naturally meant to be.