TalentEgg to help students and grads get the experience they need

by | Mar 7, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Marlon Gomez
Biz/Tech Reporter

TalentEgg is taking the lead to help students and recent grads across Canada get the work experience they desperately need to land their first job.

TalentEgg is an online career source that helps students and recent graduates find jobs and internships.

Unlike other job sites like Workopolis.com or indeed.com, TalentEgg caters to individuals who are in the early stages of their career and trying to transition into the workforce.

The Toronto based company recently announced it is introducing unique online challenges that are tailored to help students and recent graduates get hands on experience on real projects created by employers and TalentEgg.

“A lot of people are coming out with their degrees and don’t have enough career training,” said Karen Horsman, media relations and communications manager for Colleges Ontario.

Ontario’s unemployment rate for young people is over 16 per cent and many young graduates are underemployed in jobs where they cannot apply the skills they have learned in school. Horsman calls this problem the “skills mismatch.”

The mismatch includes, “all post-secondary grads coming out trained and ready for the wrong job or the wrong industry. So we need everybody spending more time thinking about what Ontario’s economy needs and how we can get graduates ready for those jobs,” said Horsman.

The Conference Board of Canada estimates the skills mismatch in Ontario is costing the province about $24.3 billion a year in lost economic activity. In addition, the board also points out that it’s costing the province about $3.7 billion in provincial tax revenue.

TalentEgg launched its new program of challenges to try and bridge this gap that students face when trying to gain proper experience before they enter the workforce.

“It’s a new permanent part of TalentEgg.ca and an important opportunity for students in this country who struggle to get meaningful experience. And we all know it’s hard to get a job without meaning experience,” said Lauren Friese, founder of TalentEgg.

TalentEgg works with a large number of employers to determine challenges that are a good fit for each company, whether it’s a solution for something the company is curious about or perhaps something abstract that reflects well on them, said Friese.

Challenges will last 30 days and students must register through TalentEgg.ca prior to completing the tasks.

There is no cost to participate in each challenge.

Employers will judge all the submissions and ultimately decide who the winners will be. Those who finish in the top three spots can win prizes for each challenge.

Participants will have to wait up to one month to find out who the winners are. Prizes and a chance to be considered for an internship will vary with every company that TalentEgg launches a challenge with.

Purolator Canada has partnered up with TalentEgg to launch the first challenge. This challenge is focused on helping Purolator with its social media presence and building the company’s reputation as leading customer-centric brand.

The prize for first place is $3,000, while those who finish in second and third place will each receive $1,000.

In the case of the Purolator challenge, all top three winning participants will be considered for the internship, said Friese.

“Everybody that scores over a certain level gets a report back of the skills they have gained from participating in the challenge,” said Friese.

She added this is a great opportunity for students to show employers they have what it takes to be successful in the workforce.

Students and recent graduates from Humber are also advised to look into the resources the school already offer such as Humber’s Job Portal.

The portal allows employers to fill out a template and post jobs.

Students can directly apply to these job postings and the employer will automatically know it is a Humber student or graduate that is applying for the job.

“Students have our services for six months after they graduate. And even after that we are not going to close the doors on a student who comes in to see us,” said Christine Colosimo, Career Advisor for HRT, Media & IT at Humber.