TALES FROM HUMBER: Darsh Bhawsar – Surpised to find Canadians play cricket

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Features, Tales From Humber

I am Darsh Bhawsar. I am from Mumbai, which is in India, a South Asian country. I am currently studying financial planning for one year as it is a postgraduate program that soon will be over.

I am already looking for a job, Humber has a recruitment office that offers us opportunities.

Every Tuesday we have interview sessions with many top banks that provide us with chances of getting full-time job opportunities after we finish school.

Besides that, I am really into sports, I play cricket for Humber Lakeshore. I participate in most of the tournaments which for now are done.

In India, cricket is a very famous game and pretty much everyone plays it. However, when I first came to Humber, I didn’t think that Canadians may be playing cricket.

Once at Humber, I knew about the opportunity of being part of the team, so I went to the trials and got selected. When I first met my coaches and other players, they were very welcoming and humble.

They wanted cricket to be known with as many people as possible.

I try to manage my time between classes, sports and work. I am now working at Cineplex part-time and sometimes it is difficult to do everything. However, when I am at a tournament, I just email my office and they give me permission to be absent.

Over there (Cineplex), the management is very nice, as well as my colleagues. They are very understanding about school and they also support me with the sport I play.

I have told them that I play cricket for my school and they are very excited about it. They also give me vacations on holidays during my tournaments and practices.

I also like playing football (soccer) and I play a lot of video games on PlayStation so that’s something I do most of the time. My favourite ones are Fortnite, Counter-Strike and FIFA.

I tried to play soccer here, I even went to training and selection, but it was very difficult for me to be on the team. Because of that, I went to cricket, I got an opportunity there and I like playing it.

As told to Parmisse Menendez Limo