Technology isn’t just for the younger generation

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Biz/Tech, Campus News, North

Sasha Azeez


Wearable technology could improve the quality of life for an aging generation.

“I walk 12,000 steps everyday with the help of my Fitbit,” said Christine Tomchak, a member of Humber Retirees’ Association. “I now have no signs of diabetes, so for me this device is very important.”

Retirees at Humber College gathered for an annual conference called More Disruptive Stuff That is Going to Change the World that highlights new technology and how it affects the lives of retirees.

The second seminar focused on wearable tech and breaking the barriers between technology and retirees, said speaker George Paravantes, Humber program coordinator of Multimedia Design and Development.

“Technology has moved so fast from desktop, laptop to mobile… don’t let the small size of wearables deceive you,” said Paravantes.

“It’s important to learn about it because it fits into our daily lives and information is much easier to get,” he said.

Paravantes talks about wrist-worn devices like the Apple watch and Fitbit and how health and fitness has played a big role in the success of these wearables.

“I had been diagnosed last year, my doctor said I need to start to exercise and lose a bit of weight,” said Tomchak.

She said her Fitbit helped reverse the signs of her diabetes.

During the seminar, attendees were able to ask questions and do activities such as mapping out their own ideal wearable.

Barbara Carruthers, member of the retirees’ association, said the seminars so far has helped her keep up and understand new technology.

“You’re talking to old, retired people who know very little about technology,” said Carruthers.

“We’ve learned about 3D printing, drones, cyber crime…last week we learned about augmented reality and this ‘Pokeman’ that we’ve all been reading about,” she said.

Tomchak said the attendees of these seminars have grown up in a time where technology like this never existed.

“We’ve benefitted because we are much more understanding what is happening in technology, in our era we just didn’t get involved,” she said.

The Retirees’ Association will host two more seminars in the upcoming weeks at Humber College where speakers will discuss the topics of ‘the internet of things’ and ‘artificial intelligence’.