Looming end of broadcast TV not a problem

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Biz/Tech

Elvin George


New waves of technology continue to change the way our society acts.

Canadians are beginning to move away from broadcast and cable television and transition to online Internet TV subscriptions.

Canadians are choosing to watch whole long-awaited seasons of their favorite TV shows on Netflix rather than waiting for weekly episodes.

The CRTC said telecom and cable companies received $8.92 billion in revenue from cable, satellite, and Internet enabled television subscriptions in 2015. On the other hand, the CRTC said television connections linked to web-distributed programming brought in $9.81 billion.

Jerry Chomyn, program head of Media Studies at the University of Guelph-Humber, believes Wi-Fi is the generational tool that made people change the way they use technology.

“I would say broadcast television only has 10 years left,” Chomyn said. “Once Wi-Fi became such a huge factor for everyone, anyone could nearly watch anything that they want to watch anywhere.

“Individuals have the access of watching anything anywhere, rather than waiting to have a TV cable box at home,” he said.

This era of television is slowly diminishing, according to some program consumers.

“I’m like everyone else, I’ve have been using television for most of my life, but after Netflix I felt that television was going to fall down soon,” Darren Puno, a Travel and Tourism student, said.

“Television is currently used for news, it’s for the elderly and people in their late ages who don’t have access to Internet,” Puno said. “I’m noticing more and more people in their 40s and 50s becoming more tech-savvy, so they will quickly adapt to the Internet streaming move.”

Adam Dell’Orso, Guelph-Humber Business student, knows new streaming services online will mean the end of broadcast television.

“I used to only use the TV for watching the latest sports game, and for the nightly news at 6,” Dell’Orso said. “Now for the past few months, I’ve been using online streaming sites to watch sports, and relying on Twitter for any breaking news.”

Dell’Orso knows more and more people are learning to adjust to the new lifestyle.

“My parents are the only ones that use cable TV, but I know many people their age learning more and more about online TV sites,” Dell’Orso said. “So I’m sure after their age group learns how to efficiently use online TV subscriptions that cable TV will only be used at retirement homes.”