Textbooks for Change

by | Oct 28, 2016 | North

Kasandra DaSilva


Humber students and staff were able to simultaneously free up some shelf space and help those in need on Wednesday as the Textbooks for Change donation drive took place at Humber North campus.

Textbooks for Change is a for-profit organization that takes used post-secondary textbooks and sends them to  local and eastern-African libraries to help enhance their education system.

“Fifty per cent of the textbooks go to eastern Africa, 20 per cent stay at local colleges and we sell them at an affordable price for students who cannot afford brand new textbooks. And the remaining 30 per cent of textbooks that are out-of-date or are too damaged get recycled sustainably,” said Textbooks for Change Campus Manager Aparajita Mehra.

Mehra and Textbooks for Change work with 24 Ontario colleges to help make education more accessible all around the World.

Volunteer Quaser Vej was alongside Mehra at Humber all day on Wednesday to spread awareness of the program.

“Everyone in this school probably has old textbooks that are just collecting dust. It is important that people know that their old books can change someone’s life,” Vej said.

Mehra said that most of their donations had been by instructors and professors, but Mehra wants students to know that they can donate their books anytime of the year.

“We always have five permanent drop boxes all around North campus, our main one being outside the IGNITE office where students can drop off textbooks at any time,” Mehra said.

University of Guelph-Humber student Nicole Jardine likes how Textbooks for Change is giving back to those in need.

“I sadly need to keep all my books until I graduate, but I love what they are doing for those in need both here in Ontario and in Africa,” Jardine said.

Since Textbooks for Change began, the organization has sent over 100,000 textbooks to eastern Africa, and has reused and recycled over 90,000 textbooks here in Ontario.