Staying isolated presents its challenges

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Feature, Headlines, Sports

Francis Commey, Sports Reporter

Internet users are figuring out ways to have fun while isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Athletes, fans, and celebrities have all come together to participate in a new social media trend dubbed the “Stay At Home Challenge.” The challenge requires one person to make funny or amusing videos and share them using the hashtag #StayAtHomeChallenge.

It’s an attempt to spread joy in these difficult times. Medical experts are urging people to stay at home and isolate themselves in a bid to stop the virus from spreading.

With almost everyone stuck at home and time on their hands the challenge now has multiple variations. From home workout videos to juggling toilet paper rolls, the challenge can be anything anyone loves doing while cooped up at home.

And that means COVID-19 isn’t the only thing that’s going viral.

Professional soccer players around the world have been doing kick-ups with toilet paper. Lionel Messi, Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard and Jerome Boateng have all chimed in on the challenge on social media.

Lingard, the Manchester United attacking midfielder, got more than 1.3 million views on his toilet paper kick-up in only two days.

Humber Hawks athletes took the challenge. Men’s soccer defender Tristan Gayle said it took him forever to complete the challenge.

“I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to,” Gayle said.

“My goodness, I was literally trying all day to finish the kicks-up and it’s really harder than it seems,”  he said. “I thought I was a soccer player, it should be easy to do the challenge, right?”

Tristan Gayle of the men’s Humber soccer team completing the #stayhomechallenge.

Tristan’s teammate second-year indoor soccer team forward Keegan Wilson felt no pressure taking the challenge.

“The challenge is just too easy, we’re adding a bit of flair to the challenge but it’s all fun and game,” Wilson said.

NBA players Stephen Curry and Zach LaVine joined in with their versions of the challenge.

The challenge makes social distancing and self-isolation during the outbreak a little more entertaining.

One video of two men playing tennis on the ledge of their windows has taken Instagram and Twitter by storm with all sorts of reactions.

Jerome Brown, a second-year electrical technician student at Sheridan College, decided to think outside the box and put his own twist to the challenge.

“I saw a lot of kick-ups challenge and I knew I couldn’t do that so I did push-ups instead,” Brown said.

“Why not try something different and stick to my strengths,” the former junior varsity basketball player said.

As days turn to weeks new fun challenges appear on social media as the world tries to combat the isolation required to contain the virus.