The Family Holiday Party spreads cheer

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Life

Sargon Jajjo
Senior Reporter

Christmas is about giving and so is Humber’s Student Federation.

The Family Holiday Party, held at Humber’s North campus, provided holiday cheer for students and their children.

Ammar Abdul-Raheem, the HSF’s vice-president of Student Life, said the event provided an opportunity to give appreciation to students who have children, while pursuing their studies at Humber.

“We just wanted to give appreciation to those who have the student cap on, and the parents’ cap on, at all times,” said Abdul-Raheem.

He said, when planning for the event with his staff, it quickly became a favorite in the room and brought excitement within HSF.

“A lot of times in meetings, our staff are always saying this is one of their favourite events,” said Abdul-Raheem.

The event is held annually, with this year’s event including a bouncy castle, a video game station, a face-paint station and workshop area for children to work on their festive ornaments.

The event is not only centered on the children, however. In addition to having massage chairs for parents to relax, raffle prizes were also given away, which included Raptors tickets, multiple gift-cards and a toy car. All gifts were sponsored by HSF.

Tiffany Wilson, 416-209-8588, a criminal justice student at Humber College said the event was well organized and enjoyed by her son.

“It’s been extremely thrilling for him, and very well-organized,” said Wilson. “I like the variety in events and activities.”

Wilson says it’s nice for HSF to host this type of event, and provides students to get-together inside the campus and focus on things that are not school-related.

Also at the party was, the kid’s favourite figure during Christmas, Santa Clause, who was available for photos throughout the event.

Jennifer Hunter, a second year ECE student, says the event provides an opportunity for her to give back to her child, something she hasn’t had the time to do, because of her studies at Humber.

“Very important (event) because I’ve been busy with exams, preparing for exams,” said Hunter. “I haven’t had time to plan stuff like this for her.”