The prescription is exercise with new Humber club

by | Mar 13, 2015 | News

Christy Farr
News Reporter

A new Humber club is prescribing exercise for all students to help improve their health.

Humber College, in collaboration with The University of Guelph-Humber, is one of the first colleges in Ontario to be a part of the global movement Exercise is Medicine.

The new club Exercise is Medicine on Campus launched in B105 at the North Campus on March 10 with an array of healthy snacks for attendees and an invigorating presentation of the concept behind Exercise is Medicine.

“We are trying to educate doctors and nurses and trying to bring them on board so they can prescribe exercise as a way of prevention for different diseases and chronic conditions,” said Patrzalek. WHO??

Exercise is Medicine is a world-wide initiative to make people healthier by incorporating exercise as a prescription to reduce risk factors of chronic diseases.

Exercise is Medicine at Humber student president Aleksandra Patrzalek said the organization seeks to promote the inter-professional relationships between health professionals and fitness professionals.

Exercise is medicine also seeks to increase the number of Canadians meeting the minimum 150 minutes a week of physical activity as prescribed in the Canadian physical activity guidelines and the Canadian Sedentary Behavior Guidelines.

Humber is in need of an initiative such as this to get students and faculty up and moving, said Patrzalek.

“Fitness and health promotion diploma students are doing a good job, because for fitness students that is our life, but for other students the benefits of physical activity isn’t as obvious,” he said. “I feel that having this initiative will create more awareness that they can exercise and how good it is or them.”

For students that came to the launch curious about the new club, most are looking forward to larger Humber organized fitness fun events.

“I’m more interested in the larger campus wide events that will come in the future, they are the type of events they are going to get people to get active at,” said Austin Malone, 20, a second-year Fitness and Health Promotion student.

Karyn Humber, an instructor in the diploma program Fitness and Health promotion who is also the faculty liaison with the Exercise is Medicine initiative, said bringing the initiative to Humber was a must-have.

“I love the concept,” she said. ““It has been promoted to bring it to Ontario universities but I wanted to quickly get us on board and also in the back of my mind, knowing that with the collaboration with Humber and Guelph-Humber, to be one of the first, if not the first College to be listed as part of exercise as medicine on campus.”

Humber said she has been involved with Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and a committee member and board member since 2005 which is where she first learned about the initiative.

“The event went well today, there was a diverse group, but still more dominated by the exercise side of it,” said Humber. “We have a mandate to get more of the allied health care providers more involved.”

Xinger Zheng, 23, a fourth-year Kinesiology student at the University of Guelph-Humber, was glad this new club has been created but is disappointed she’s graduating soon and not able to be a part of the committee.

“I’m glad that as a collaborative school that we have this extracurricular group going on,” she said. “In the kinesiology program we are very aware of the role of exercise in a person’s life and I’m glad now students have the opportunity to spread the word and promote it.”

Patrzalek said participants want to teach why exercise is good.

“From how on we want to be at every event promoting health and wellness,” she said.

Starting next year the club intends to organize events such a campus wide scavenger hunt, ten minute walk around campus, as well as educational seminars and special guest speakers.

For students that want to get involved, the club is currently looking to fill positions on the executive team as well as committee members.

Students can check out Humber’s Exercise is Medicine on Campus Facebook page.