The Spot promotes ‘Eat good, do good’ philosophy in CTI

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Biz/Tech, Life

Beatriz Balderrama Baleeiro, Biz/Tech Reporter  

The Spot — a new eatery at Humber’s Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation — has a motto and a mission on its menu. 

Its philosophy is “Eat good, do good,” a goal achieved by offering Humber College students delicious, freshly made and ready-to-order food, while following sustainable principles, such as reducing single-use plastics, providing dine-in china and compostable take-out wear for those eating on the run.

The restaurant is run by Chartwells, the food-service contractor on campus and it has a new take on the retail culinary world, which is looking to make a positive impact on the environmental and sustainable system.

“It’s an intentionality of doing better with food through food,” said Maria Fajardo from the Chartwells head office.  

Chartwells was looking for a concept after the inauguration of the new Barrett building that would match the location and with the collaboration of stakeholders across campus it collected ideas and values which it wanted to share in that area.

Another concept the restaurant will implement is “round up to donate” where customers can add an extra 20 cents on top of the entrée which costs $7.29, said Eli Browne, the director of sustainability and culinary innovation for Chartwells. The contributions goes to a fund that will be given to a project on campus which is still being determined with the customers, she said.

Students have the choice of vegetarian, vegan or meat entrées with produce that comes from the Humber garden, Browne said. It also offers students the chance to taste the food before choosing what they want at the “tasting spot,” she said.

Manhar Kapoor, The Spot’s brand ambassador, said the new restaurant offers diners a new experience every day. (Beatriz Balderrama Baleeiro)

“Three different varieties of meals are served every day, it’s a new experience, we don’t want our customers to have the same food all the time,” said Manhar Kapoor, The Spot’s brand ambassador. 

The zero-waste approach is one the many values The Spot pays attention to, Browne said. Firstly on the choice of the menu, the three daily available entrees are chosen according to the ingredients that can be repurposed or ones where the entire produce can be used, she said. 

Secondly is the encouragement of reusables such as cutlery and china, Browne said.

“Next year our intention is to actually become zero-waste certified, which means a 90 per cent waste diversion from The Spot, that’s our goal,” she said.

Being situated in a technology focused building, The Spot doesn’t take cash. It also doesn’t have any cashiers. Customers place their order and pay for it on an electronic terminal, Browne said.

“The Spot is a great choice if you are looking for good food, great environment and a relaxing place to eat,” she said.