Time management skills crucial for students

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Campus News, Life

Michael Piccoli
News Reporter

It is typical during this time of the academic year that students fall behind with their schoolwork as assignments, tests and other deadline work pile up.

Many students experience a harsh degree of stress while school advisors counsel that time management is crucial to overcome it.

Jayden Cunanan from the Humber College Academic and Career Success Centre and Stephanie Brum from Peer Assisted Learning Support cited some tips for students nearing the end of the school year.

Cunanan said it’s important to work ahead in courses.

“The way I think of it, exams start as soon as the semester starts,” said Cunanan.

It’s important for students to begin studying and working on assignments well before deadline dates occur in order to not fall behind in the semester, he said.

Procrastination can lead to stressful periods at the end of an important semester for many students, he added, and Cunanan urges students to think ahead and book appointments with academic counselors if assistance is needed.

Stephanie Brum said appointments peak during this time of year at Peer Assisted Learning Support.

“I feel like students seem to realize after midterms that they need to buckle down and find a tutor,” said Brum.

Students should book appointments well in advance to avoid having to wait, she counseled. Academic support can be a useful tool and she said it’s important for students to seek help early.

Kelly Melo, a second year student in Early Childhood Education, said this time can get stressful as assignments and tests tend to occur all at once.

“Time management is key.  If you can manage your time properly, you will be fine,” said Melo.

The Academic and Career Success Centre Humber North campus is on the first floor at the Learning Resource Commons.