Toronto options for recreational fun on a student budget

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Life

Morgan Gallagher

Queen’s Park/City Hall Reporter

With many post-secondary students studying full-time and often working part-time as well, recreational time must be managed on a tight budget.

“In large cities, many people are amazed at the number of attractions and experiences that are free of charge,” said Mark Kahler, budget travel expert for “Do a search for ‘free attractions Toronto’ and assemble a list of the free things you’d actually enjoy visiting.”

Kaiya Robinson, a first-year Humber cosmetic management student, explores the city cost-free.

“I love parks. High Park for instance is absolutely beautiful and can be experienced without spending any money. Although Toronto has a lot of tourist attractions, they will suck the money out of your wallet,” said Robinson. “There are cheaper ways to explore. Riverdale Park has a fantastic view of the skyline.”

Downtown Toronto features the Air Canada Centre but Leaf ticket prices average around $130 while CN Tower charges about $30 just to go up the elevator. If pursuing such sites, Kahler said, “it will be vital to budget money and time for them.”

Robinson thinks that taking time off shouldn’t just be for fun.

“Students get so invested in school work and forget to take time for themselves to reward themselves. Taking time off also allows the brain to have a break to recharge and gain other experience, ultimately allowing better focus in school,” she said.

Colon Coulson, a first year industrial design student at Humber ensures he is doing something he enjoys on his spare time.

“I like getting together with friends and going to the AGO (which has free general admission on Wednesday evenings) as well as other art galleries. It is cool to walk around and see different types of art in Toronto.”