Trans Day of Visibility amplifies trans justice

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Campus News, News

Fareah Islam
News Reporter

Humber College celebrated Trans Day of Visibility last Friday to offer open dialogue about the importance of inclusiveness and the accomplishments of the trans community.

A stall was very visibly set up in the North campus Learning Resource Commons to allow all students to learn more about the significance of this day.

“Trans Day of Visibility is a day when we honour successful members of the trans community to ensure that there is a positive outlook of trans people around the world,” said Toni Halo, a first year Cosmetic Management student.

“There are many people who identify as being trans that are doing good in the world and are fighting for justice. Today we are celebrating these people and making sure everyone feels empowered to be their best selves.”

The stall displayed information about trans people who are working to bring about change. Micah Bazant is a visual artist who is working on the Trans Life and Liberation Art Series in order to promote projects that amplify the trans justice movement.

A game of ‘Trans Jeopardy’ was also organized at the event. Kenny Dawkins, Resource and Events Assistant at the LGBTQ+ Resource Centre, explained the contest expands people’s knowledge and tests what they know about the trans movement.

“My hope is that Humber becomes more inclusive,” said Dawkins. “I want to acknowledge that the college is doing many great things but more can be done. To have a truly inclusive community at Humber, everyone needs to have the proper education.

“Professors can benefit from workshops on how to address a diverse classroom. Instructors can ask students about how they would like to be addressed with regards to which pronoun they prefer or if they prefer to be called a name different from their legal names.”

“Since coming to this college, I’ve realized Humber is more inclusive than other schools. I appreciate the gender-neutral washrooms on every floor,” said Laura Angus, a first year law clerk student.

“An event such as this really works towards fighting transphobia and ensuring people in the trans community feel empowered to keep doing more. Education and exposure are keys for progress,” said Dawkins.