Twitch links work, play and money

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Life

Hamza Khan
Life Reporter

Gaming has grown a lot over the past few years.

Five million viewers spend 106 minutes a day watching live gaming, according to Twitch, a the most popular game streaming service.

And what was once viewed as nothing more than a pastime, can be used to create jobs. The Twitch Partnership Program offers creators the ability to stream a variety of content and gives them access to monetize their channels in order to make money.

Filip Mitev, 20, a former Humber Fitness and Health Promotion student, now broadcasts on Twitch. He described the platform as the best place to pursue gaming as a job.

“So much has happened for gaming this year, and most of it is on Twitch [and] all the eSports tournaments are held here,” Mitev said. “There’s even room for graphic designers on the website.”

“I personally hired one to make my Twitch channel stand out from the rest,” he said.

For beginners looking into starting their own Twitch channel, Mitev said a streamer should get a couple of their friends to tune into their streams.

“When you browse through sections on Twitch, thousands of channels are sitting at zero viewers,” he said.

“Just getting a few of your friends to tune in puts you above thousands of channels and increases opportunities like partnerships, hosts from bigger streamers and more,” he said. “Also, stay interactive with your chat so they don’t get bored to death.”

Stefan Martinovic, 20, is an avid Twitch viewer and said he’s noticed the sudden boost in popularity and interest surrounding gaming.

“People are suddenly taking something that’s not considered a real job into a real job,” he said.

“I’m really surprised how much gaming’s grown. I mean, you see a different celebrity on a Twitch broadcast of some game every other day,” Martinovic said.