Twitter’s new live-streaming service could mean more exposure for Humber events

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Biz/Tech

Sulaiman Akbari


A new way to live-stream videos could change the way Humber College views itself – on a computer screen, a tablet or even a phone.

Twitter and the National Football League debuted their live stream video service of the Thursday night NFL games in early September, a $10-million deal made back in May.

This new way to live-stream sport on Twitter is just a taste of what can be done.

George Paravantes, Humber program coordinator of multimedia design and development, is confident Humber’s events will be live-streamed on its Twitter page in the future.

“Humber looks at all these emerging technologies and says, ‘how does it enrich the student experience here, both in the classroom and socially within Humber?’” he said.

First-year Humber business marketing student Adriano Vieira, 18, said live-streaming events will get Humber’s name out there.

“It would be great to live-stream frosh, presidential debates, or sports, to intrigue those who haven’t entered post-secondary schooling and want to attend Humber,” he said.

However, Vieira said this would be a gutsy move by Humber as it would cost a lot of money.

Paravantes agrees live streaming services are expensive but Humber could tell by viewership if they’re profitable.

“Humber Athletics has one of the strongest presences overall in post-secondary education,” he said. “Adopting how live-streaming is used in sports right now would predict the social reaction by students.”

Second-year Humber Bachelor of Nursing student Junell Pollock, 28, said it would be a great idea for Humber to live-stream events at the campuses.

“I can see the live-stream service as the next big thing for Humber,” she said.

“If there is a special guest speaker that I am interested in and is speaking on a topic that would get my attention, then I would definitely tune in if I’m not there in person,” Pollock added.

Pollock and Vieira both agree that live-streaming events at Humber could be convenient for those who live far and cannot attend the event.

Paravantes said it’s only a matter of time until live-streaming will be a commonly used service on Twitter.