UFC’s Koscheck motivates Humber students during Q&A

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Feature, Sports

Willy Phan
Sports Reporter

Humber’s mixed martial arts fans were excited to see UFC welterweight fighter Josh Koscheck appear at the Lakeshore and North campuses on March 27.

Students quickly filled up the seats and lined up to speak with the 36-year-fighter from of Fresno, Calif.

“We know UFC fighters go over really well at Humber College,” said Marlon Peters, the HSF programming coordinator who organized the event.

Koscheck has fought a record 22 times in the UFC and has taken on former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre twice in the octagon.

“In previous years, we’ve done (two-time heavyweight champion) Cain Velasquez,” said Peters. “We knew Josh Koscheck is one of the more popular fighters so we thought he would be a good fit at Humber.”

Koscheck answered questions from Humber students in the audience about his experience as a mixed martial artist.

He said he started out with wrestling from a young age before making the transition to mixed martial arts. He also recalled his experience in college, which surprised some fans.

“I always get the opportunity to speak in front of people striving to be better,” said Koscheck. “If you’re going to school here and you’re in college, that means you’re striving to be better and I think that’s important.”

Koscheck said he was able to secure an athletic scholarship for wrestling and earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, U.S.

“If you have the opportunity to go to school, think about what you can achieve,” Koscheck said. “School has been a big influence on me. I’m the first person in my family to graduate from college and I take pride in that.”

Koscheck said he would focus on his real estate business investments once his UFC career ends. He also provided useful career advice to students at Humber.

“If you work hard at anything, you’re going to be successful,” said Koscheck. “It’s about just having a common goal with somebody or finding a team…put yourself around good people, (and) you can succeed.”

Some critics throughout Koscheck’s UFC career have criticized his demeanor as a fighter, but his inspirational words definitely won over new fans at Humber College.

“My family (does) real estate and I live with my grandma so I can sort of relate to (Koscheck),” said Nathan Yu, an international business student. “After his speech and what he talked about, it really motivated me. Today, I think Josh earned another follower.”