Extramural ultimate frisbee tournament draws fewer teams than ever before

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Sports

Kaitlyn Kack

Sports Reporter

Humber’s extramural co-ed ultimate Frisbee team lost its chance to win back-to-back gold as they came up short losing to George Brown College.

The Oct. 19 tournament, however, overshadowed a disturbing trend in the sport: that fewer and fewer teams are competing.

This season, Humber’s co-ed ultimate frisbee team has only faced a total of four different teams, including Humber Lakeshore, Seneca, George Brown and UTM.

Exercise Science and Lifestyle student Emily Delyea, with Humber’s co-ed ultimate frisbee team, said she didn’t like the lack of diversity in the league.

“It would be nice if there was more tournaments and more schools involved, the lack of variety in this year’s tournament league have both the players and coaching staff dissatisfied,” Delyea said.

Coach Zac Merritt said in previous years, the extramural co-ed ultimate Frisbee tournament league had up to eight different schools participating in tournaments.

The number of teams have slowly decreasing to only three different schools participating in the most recent tournaments, he said.

“No one seems to really have a team this year,” Merritt said. “I’m not sure why but a lot of teams just seemed to fold.”

The co-ed ultimate frisbee season only consists of two tournaments this year. Humber defeated George Brown for gold in the Sept. 21 tournament at University of Toronto Mississauga, only to return the favour in the October showdown to George Brown.

In the second Humber North Tournament, Humber hosted the George Brown Huskies and Seneca Sting. Humber started off the tournament strong, but it was evident that George Brown was going to be the team to beat.

Merritt was nervous, but excited for his team going to the finals.

“Our team has played more games, so we are going in super tired already,” he said.

“The finals are going to be a tough match, but I know our team can do it. We did it before, we can do it again,” Merritt said during the tournament.

Humber and Seneca faced off in the semi-finals, where the Sting were eliminated by the Hawks. Humber moved onto the finals where they would met with George Brown.

The Hawks started off  taking the lead early on. Although Humber started out strong, it wasn’t enough to retain back-to-back gold.