Undefeated Hawks beat Huskies in heated matches

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Sports

Ryann Kahler


A couple of scrappy wins for Humber soccer teams was the story of Thursday Oct. 14 in games against the George Brown Huskies. The men’s team won with a score of 4-1 and the women’s team with a score of 3-0.

The Huskies’ Gianmariano Della Serra received the first yellow card of the night, followed by the second one given to his teammate Robert Mijackovic after he pulled Humber’s Michael Aigbokie to the ground by his jersey before a possible break towards the net.

“It is something we remind them as coaches to make sure their discipline is in check,” Hawks’ head coach Michael Aquino said.

Tempers cooled for Humber, but flared for George Brown.

The night unraveled for the Huskies after the half, losing a man due to a red card, which put the Hawks at a one-man advantage. Striker Marco Nunes took advantage of the extra space on the field and scored his second goal of the night, and OCAA leading eighth of the season.

Hawk’s assistant coach Alessandro Sabatini said that the game was vicious, but was impressed with the way his team remained composed.

“Competition brings out the best in everybody,” said Sabatini.

Humber Hawks’ women’s soccer midfielder Hayley Mackie had a strong game against George Brown on Wednesday night.

The game was off to a slow start until Mackie put her team on the scoreboard 24 minutes into the game.

“It wasn’t an intense game at first,” Mackie said. “That first goal sets the pace, sets the intensity and sets the chemistry of the girls for the rest of the game.”

Shortly after, Mackie had an altercation with her mid-fielder counterpart Huskies’ Hannah Whyte-Fagundes, which caused the referee to and pull her aside and have a chat.

“I’m so passionate, so competitive, I don’t mean for it to come out in such a bad way, but in the moment she pushed me,” Mackie said, “ I just turned around and got in her face.”

Mackie heeded the official’s warnings, sticking to the task of focusing on a win for the team.

The second half of the game started strong when Hawks’ leading scorer Rebecca Spratt and Zoe Longsworth connected in front of the net, with Spratt sending the ball in for a goal.

Forward Longsworth later put a goal of her own on the board when she powered one past the Huskies goalkeeper top shelf for the final goal, leading to the victory.

The strong play may give hint that the team is focusing on the horizon as the Nationals are approaching. But that, says the team coach, isn’t necessary.

“Let’s focus on the process and focus on the now, that will take care of the future,” Mauro Ongaro said.

Both teams hope to remain undefeated in their games against the always gritty Sheridan Bruins at Trafalgar.