UTM Eagles jolt Hawks as soccer team loses second in a row

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Headlines, Sports, Varsity

John Grant, Sports Reporter

Humber’s men soccer team has long known the joys of victory. But the agony of defeat feels strange.

For the first time under Hawk’s coach Michael Aquino’s six years of supervision, the men’s soccer team has lost back-to-back games.

“Honestly, [I’m] kind of distraught right now,” said Nick Frenati, keeper of the Humber Hawks. “I’ve been in this program for three years and never thought something would ever happen like this,” The team lost 1-0 against University of Toronto Mississauga Eagles in the final home game of the season on Oct. 9. They also lost 3-2 to Sheridan Bruins on Oct. 2. It’s rare but it is a slump. 

Federico Leal and Damion Kaye arguing with the ref during a game against the UTM Eagles. The men’s soccer team went on to lose their last home game 1-0 on Oct. 9. (John Grant)

The Hawks started off the 2019 campaign winning six straight games. 

These losses can potentially be the nail in the coffin because their whole season can be over with a loss to Mohawk College next week. The Hawks are currently in first with a 6-2 record but right behind them are Sheridan and Fanshawe, each at 6-1, and UTM with a 6-2 record.

Aquino gave no excuses for this rare loss.

“Yeah, little disappointed,” he said. “And I mean, it wasn’t something that we obviously would have expected but the game of soccer, right?

“I think we just got to get things back down to some basics and then work a little harder and dig a little deeper and just get back to doing what was working for us at the beginning,” Aquino said.

The Eagles played well. They came in with a defensive mentality and parked the bus, and didn’t budge when the Hawks attacked. 

UTM player Pawandeep Sandhu attempts to tackle a Hawk during a game at the Ontario Soccer Centre on Oct.9. (John Grant)

UTM wanted Humber to play into them so that they can catch them on the counterattack. 

“The first thing we have to do is recognize that they’re a good team,” said Chris Eveleigh, head coach of UTM. 

“We played in a way that’s going to frustrate them and effectively be better for us and play to our strengths.”

Michael Fayehun, captain of the Hawks, was absent against U of T Mississauga due to a suspension after receiving his third yellow card of the season against Sheridan Bruins. 

His leadership was greatly missed as they never recovered after being a goal down in the first half.