Valentine’s Day too commercial for students

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Life

Nadia Monaco

Life Reporter

Chocolates, roses, diamonds and mushy cards are what this holiday is all about.

Rose Pellegrino, founder of Blossom Boutique, said it appears Valentine’s Day is centered on materialistic things.

“Every holiday now is commercialized and Valentine’s Day is the same,” Pellegrino said. “It’s all about the gifts.”

Pellegrino said Valentine’s Day is one of its busiest times of the year at Blossom Boutique. Men are predictable in their choice of red roses and occasionally rose-petals, Pellegrino said.

But for Carly St. Jean, a first-year Humber fashion arts student, Valentine’s Day is really about heart-shaped pancakes or maybe a dinner with her beau.

Valentine’s Day has always been centered on celebrating and appreciating love and St. Jean said she and her boyfriend of three years will do that this weekend. While they don’t exchange gifts for the occasion, they do believe in spending time together on that day.

“Last year, he made me breakfast in bed with heart-shaped pancakes,” she said. “We do little things and nothing too extreme.”

St. Jean said she believes people seem to look for an excuse to get each other presents and to show off who can spend more money.

This year St. Jean’s boyfriend will stay in and cook dinner for her at home.

Humber interior design student Nicole Frondella, 20, shares similar views.

Frondella, who has also been in a relationship for three years, said although she agrees the true meaning behind the holiday seems to have faded, she and her boyfriend do what they can to celebrate.

“Last year I was working and he had 40 long stemmed roses delivered to my workplace,” Frondella said.

This Valentine’s Day, Frondella and her boyfriend will be going out for dinner.

She said even though they spend time together regularly, it’s more important to see each other than to spend money on gifts.