Valley Field important to Humber College

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Sports

Jessica Dempsey
Sports Reporter 

Valley Field may appear to be Humber College property, but it really is owned by the City of Toronto.

It takes three to tango for the field to work. There is a partnership between Humber College, the City of Toronto and the Conservation Authority of Toronto.

Humber books all its permits through the City of Toronto, said Dean Wylie, facility manager and athletics co-ordinator.

“We do our long-term planning. For all the outdoor sports, we book the field, two to three times a week from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.,” said Wylie.

Humber looks to reserve the fields each year a long time in advance.

“In May, we have our league meetings, we find out what our schedule is going to be. We try to book our rugby games right off the bat, and then you build your practice schedule ahead of that with our soccer and rugby games. That is the first priority, the men’s and women’s soccer and rugby,” said James DePoe, Humber’s varsity coordinator.

But it is not just varsity sports that Humber books the field for. Campus recreation programs such as extramural Frisbee also book the field. Provincial and national events have been hosted on Valley Field as well, such as the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) cross-country nationals, said Matthew Ferreira, Humber’s athletic events and tournament co-ordinator.

Humber Athletics is at the field almost every day, said DePoe. They use the rectangle and oval fields, and try to be as creative with the space as they can be, he said.

Valley Field is not considered an A level field, however; it is designated a B level field according to the Toronto city website. An A level field is lit, regulated and adult sized while B level is adult sized but not lit or regulated.

With this in mind, there aren’t many homes games scheduled on this field.

“The only home games that we play down there right now is rugby. Everything else is offsite, baseball and soccer are offsite,” said Wylie.

The question about Humber getting their own field hasn’t slipped the mind of athletes.

“We are hoping somewhere in our long-term future, we would love to have our own facility Whether it’s down there in some sort of agreement with the city of Toronto, or if we could find something, we would love our own field,” said DePoe.