Varsity athletes choose schools based on both sport and academics

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Sports

Lindsay Wadden
Sports Reporter

Athletes seek the right post-secondary school not just for the academic programs, but also for the calibre of the varsity teams.

Athletes are looking at schools through two prisms: education and to better themselves in their sport. When it comes to the latter, Humber College has fully equipped therapy clinics, which include high performance strength and a conditioning training facility that uses video technology, as well as a sports doctor to handle its 11 varsity teams.

Ajay Sharma, coach of the Hawks women’s basketball team, believes Humber is well known for its athletic teams because the school has a strong winning record.

“I think that the historical success of our teams is a tremendous reason,” said Sharma. “Kids want to play for a winner. Better is in the eye of the beholder but I can tell that there is a culture of excellence at Humber that starts from our athletic director and trickles down.”

Sharma knows that for the school to be the best, it needs to get the best players.

“I think if you want your team to achieve to great heights then you need to scout and bring in the best players you can find,” said Sharma.

Some students like Greg Allen, who plays Junior A hockey in the Ontario Junior Hockey League, would consider Humber but can’t because it doesn’t offer a sport that he wants to continue playing.

“I really like Humber’s North campus,” he said.

“It’s close to home and they offer many programs that I would really like to take but because there is no hockey team, I can’t come to the school,” said Allen.

Allen hopes to be a stockbroker if his hockey career doesn’t work, but while in school he wants to continue playing hockey for the school that he chooses.

“Even though Humber would be on top of my list, I have to go to a university. That’s the only way I can continue playing hockey,” said Allen.

Humber Hawks men’s basketball point guard Jordan Rose is happy he is able to go to Humber and be on an athletic team.

“I chose Humber because it’s well known for sports as well as academics,” he said. “Humber varsity basketball treats their players the best, we get great gear, a lot gym time, and personal weight room time.” Rose said.

Rose said his favourite thing about Humber is that everyone is friendly and supportive in the classroom as well as in athletics.