Varsity athletes work to keep fit during holidays

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Sports

Greg Chow
Sports Reporter

For a student athlete, the winter season is the least athletic time of the year. Humber College closes its doors for the winter break on Dec. 12, with students and staff getting a month off for some rest.

For some of Humber’s athletes, the break presents more of a challenge than a vacation.

“Staying in physical shape is the hardest part, and with our winter break in Canada, it’s kind of hard to do stuff outside,” said Daniel Campos, an outfielder for Humber’s varsity baseball team and third-year Business Administration student.

Other members of Humber’s athletic society, like the men’s basketball team, try to be regularly active during the break.

“The players usually train by themselves, but we still come together for practices and tournaments. We’re a pretty tight knit group,” said Andre Hutherson, who helps manage the men’s basketball team.

A couple of members of Humber’s women’s soccer team use the winter break as an opportunity to just enjoy themselves, but also point out they don’t lose sight of being  athletes.

Jayde Wiklund-Roach, a midfielder and a first-year General Arts and Science student admits that dieting over the break can be difficult and she “doesn’t always watch what she eats.”

But both her and teammate Alora Walcott, who plays defence and is a second-year Recreation and Leisure student, agree that there are plenty of training options available over the break.

Humber’s North campus offers its athletes special access to the training facilities and some teams have places to train year round in Etobicoke; but athletes aren’t superhuman.

“The winter break is just a time to rest up, I pretty much take the month for a mini vacation,” said Campos.

 What are your plans this winter break?